Flip-Flop GMP Newsletter January 2021

Dear colleagues, dear members of the GMP,
Despite the constraints of Covid-19, we were able to keep our congress on the original dates.
Even in a digital format, it has been a real satisfaction to interact with you. Many of you attended
the 5 scientific sessions (from 50 to 150 attendees per session) and the Question/Answer sessions
after each conference were rich and opportunities for fruitful exchanges.
Your presence during these virtual sessions reflects your interest in our association and the
quality of the scientific program offered. We particularly attribute this success to Jérôme Henri
(President of the Scientific Committee) and Florence Gattacceca (President of the Board), to
whom we extend our warmest thanks. We also thank Simulations Plus and Elsevier for their
support in the organization of two of the scientific sessions.
The new team of the CA was introduced to you during our General Assembly. Jérôme Henri
(President of the SC) and Florence Gattacceca (President of the Board) were reaching the end of
their fourth and last year at the GMP. The GMP has benefited from their commitment and
dynamism during these 4 years: a thousand thanks! Florence has kindly accepted to act as
logistics advisor for the GMP in 2021 to give us the benefit of her experience in the
implementation of the 2021 Congress.