[GMP] Renewal of GMP board

Dear colleagues,

According to our rules, every year, the two most senior members of the GMP board are renewed. The GMP President Massimiliano Fonsi, and the President of Scientific Committee Ashwani Sharma, will leave the Board after 4 years of active participation and high involvement in the GMP life.

GMP is an association rich by its diversity and pluralism, especially by the profile of the members and Board. If you wish to actively participate in the life of GMP and bring your dynamism and ideas, we recommend you to apply for becoming a member of the GMP Board.

Being a GMP Board includes the following key elements:

  • personal investment in the life of the association, bimonthly teleconferences, one face to face working meeting, organization of the congress and webinars, newsletter writing, …
  • teamwork with sharing and learning, including some fun
  • Being elected for 4 years

To apply please send a short summary of your career path and professional interests, including your motivation to join the GMP Board, as well as a picture.

Applications should be sent by 9 September 2022 at the latest to Fabrice Hurbin by email (fabrice.hurbin@sanofi.com). They will be shared online to proceed with electronical vote of the members between the 14 and 29 September 2022. The results of the election will be communicated to the members and the composition of the new board will be subjected to vote during the annual general assembly of the GMP on the 4 October 2022.

Do not hesitate to join us!

Of note, we would like to remind all the GMP members of the importance of the vote for the election of the new members of the board and during the annual general assembly. Your presence and vote represent great support for us!

We count on you !

The GMP board