Support a promising drug repurposing project in onco-pediatrics

Dear members,
those who attended our last symposium on October 2017 certainly remember the exciting talk of Dr Nicolas André about cheap drugs repurposing in angiosarcoma. In line with this project, Nicolas André and his INSERM researcher alter ego Eddy Pasquier were selected by the French "Ligue contre le Cancer" for a similar project in oncopediatrics to treat neuroblastoma, in order to take part in the online competition organized by Carrefour. Twelve associations have been also selected. Everyone can vote everyday until March 1st. The association receiving the more votes will be allocated a substantial amount of money (for this project, it will allow to pay a 2-year post-doc salary and the material needed for his experiments).

How to proceed?

1) click on the link:

2) choose the project « Ligue contre le Cancer – Corse Sud »

3) click on « voter pour cette association »

4) then validate your vote by clicking on the link in the confirmation email.

Everyone can vote, once a day, until March 1st.

Thanks for your support.