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Groupe de Métabolisme et Pharmacocinétique

The GMP was founded in 1988 by researchers of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

This association (governed by the French Law from 1901) is managed by a committee of 8 elected members. Members may hold office for a maximum of 4 years. Each year the longest-standing 2 members are replaced. There are currently around 300 members.

The objective of our association is to promote the knowledge of and the exchange between members involved in Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism. Once a year, the GMP organizes a 2 day symposium (plenary sessions) with lectures given by experts from academia and the pharmaceutical industry to highlight principal emerging areas of interest for the scientific community.


The aim of the GMP is:

  • To facilitate the exchange of information between members,
  • To provide a discussion forum for discussing the problems met in the daily practice of the Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism,
  • To identify and diffuse information of new approaches (both theoretical and methodological),
  • To promote contact between scientists of associated disciplines, e.g. Toxicologists, Clinical Pharmacologists, Molecular biologists and Cellular Scientists etc…