September 15, 2021

Election GMP board 2021: 2 members to renew

Dear Colleagues and Members,

We are delighted to announce that the vote for renewal of two members of the GMP board is now open. A summary of the modalities for this voting is presented below.

According to our status, two of our members will leave the GMP board after four years (Yann Courbebaisse and Antoine Coquerel for this year), and they have to be replaced. These two new members will join the GMP board as advisors for their first year.

We are pleased to announce that this year two people have submitted an application to join the GMP Board. You will find their bios on the GMP website (Election GMP 2021-renewal of board). You can vote from now until Friday October 15th midnight.

To vote, select “Login” (you will need your member username and password) and then Election in progress.

Thank you for your participation in this election which is important in the life of our association.

Best regards,

The GMP Board

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August 7, 2021

Sponsors of the 2021 GMP symposium

Sponsors of the 2021 GMP symposium

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August 5, 2021

Newsletter, satellite session and renewal of GMP board

Dear colleagues,
The GMP board is delighted to share its newsletter number 8, which you will find attached.

You will find all information related to the GMP symposium (20-22 October 2021). You will find also information ontwo free satellite sessions offered to GMP members on the morning of Wednesday, October 20th (9h30-12h30). This first session untitled “Treatment individualization: improving interactions between industry and hospital” is organized by the GMP and STP-PT (Suivi Thérapeutique Pharmacologique & Personnalisation des Traitements). The second session on Tumor growth will be led by Lixoft. Registration for these 2 sessions is free but mandatory. More information is available in the newsletter.

According to our rules, every year, the two most senior members of the GMP board are renewed.Applications should be sent by September 10th, 2021. More information is available in the newsletter!

Yours faithfully.
GMP Board

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June 29, 2021

GMP 2021 Registration opening

Dear colleagues, dear members,

We are pleased to inform you that registrations are now opened for the 2021 GMP Symposium entitled:

Moving forward into the PK world: new drugs, new tools, new questions

Espace Diderot, Paris, France
20 au 22 Octobre 2021

You will find attached the preliminary agenda prepared by our scientific committee, and we hope it will arouse your interest. The detailed program is under finalization and will be distributed very soon.

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January 29, 2021

Flip-Flop GMP Newsletter January 2021

Dear colleagues, dear members of the GMP,
Despite the constraints of Covid-19, we were able to keep our congress on the original dates.
Even in a digital format, it has been a real satisfaction to interact with you. Many of you attended
the 5 scientific sessions (from 50 to 150 attendees per session) and the Question/Answer sessions
after each conference were rich and opportunities for fruitful exchanges.
Your presence during these virtual sessions reflects your interest in our association and the
quality of the scientific program offered. We particularly attribute this success to Jérôme Henri
(President of the Scientific Committee) and Florence Gattacceca (President of the Board), to
whom we extend our warmest thanks. We also thank Simulations Plus and Elsevier for their
support in the organization of two of the scientific sessions.
The new team of the CA was introduced to you during our General Assembly. Jérôme Henri
(President of the SC) and Florence Gattacceca (President of the Board) were reaching the end of
their fourth and last year at the GMP. The GMP has benefited from their commitment and
dynamism during these 4 years: a thousand thanks! Florence has kindly accepted to act as
logistics advisor for the GMP in 2021 to give us the benefit of her experience in the
implementation of the 2021 Congress.

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September 18, 2020

GMP 2020 virtual symposium has started!

Access is free, no registration needed. See all the details on the symposium page.

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August 31, 2020

Flip-Flop GMP Newsletter July 2020

Dear colleagues, dear members,
despite the pandemic, life of GMP is going on. Hence, we had to bring ourselves to transform our
traditional annual face-to-face work meeting into a visioconference, as you will see below: work was
serious and efficient, but we fairly missed the relaxing times which are usually a pleasant part of it. You
will also find out, in the form of a testimony, why Antoine Coquerel could not be among us on that day.
Some projects unfortunately needed to be cancelled, but we expect many of you for the sessions of our
first virtual symposium, which will be spread out over all fridays between September 18th and October
23rd 2020 (see program). On behalf of GMP and its board, I am glad to thank all the members of the
scientific committee for their reactivity and their investment, which allowed us to adapt rapidly to the
special circumstances of this 2020 year, and to offer you a thrilling scientific program, which you will find
detailed in this newsletter. We also count on our members to take an active part in the life of our
association by attending the GMP general assembly on Friday, October 23rd 2020 from 11 to 12 am. we
will need to be numerous enough to vote the activity and financial reports, and the new board's
composition. Moreover, this general assembly will be precedeed by another flagship moment of the life
of our association: the GMP 2020 students awards ceremony. For that matter, the deadline has been postponed and it is still possible to send your abstracts to us: new deadline on August 8th, 2020.
If you wish to get more involved in order to make our association live and evolve, you will find in the
present newsletter a call for application to become a member of GMP board. GMP needs you!
Do not hesitate either to suggest scientific subjects to be addressed in our next newsletter, or in webinars.
We will be happy to meet your expectations.
You will receive after the summer break all useful informations to get access to the various sessions of
GMP 2020 virtual symposium. Before to have the pleasure to meet you again with a screen as interface,
but also in the flesh in October 2021 (see below), GMP wishes you all a wonderful and relaxing summer.
Florence Gattacceca, president of GMP

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May 6, 2020

GMP 2021 Symposium: Institut Pasteur, Paris, 20-22 October 2021.

Save the date now for our next face-to-face meeting!

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